Toenail Reconstruction

Toenails grow slowly, if you have a fungal infection it will then take the nail several months to return to its full size. At Heal’n Toes, I use Pedisafe to help you with this. The outcome of this is a pleasant and normal-looking nail. Or if you prefer, this same process can be used to apply a prosthetic nail which can be attached and removed when necessary.

Basically this treatment can be applied to ANYONE with any nail condition; in fact the nail doesn’t even need to be traumatised or diseased; as it will enhance “normal” nails.

Fungal Infected Toenails

Pedisafe will instantaneously improve the look of the nail, and will keep the infection at bay. You can even apply the special LCN antifungal liquid onto the nail, to treat the underlying infection.

Traumatised Toenails

Pedisafe will instantaneously improve the look of nails that have been damaged by being stubbed/bruised while playing a sport, wearing tight shoes or just simply being trodden on.

Just for a New Fresh Look

Even if you got nothing wrong with your toenails, Pedisafe can be applied for a permanent healthy cosmetic look. Why not try the permanent French Look.