Are your feet happy with you?

Neglected feet can cause major problems for the whole body. Your feet need checking periodically, to prevent discomfort, enhance appearance, and improve balance and mobility. Healthy feet help you to stay active. Activity helps to maintain health and wellbeing.

This is where Heal’nToes can help. Make an appointment at our clinic or arrange a home visit from our mobile service, to make your feet happy again.

There are several reasons why people cannot look after their feet. Their eyesight may be impaired. They may be unable to reach their feet, or lack the hand strength
to deal with their toenails. Heal’nToes will take care of your nails and assess your feet overall. This helps you to be more comfortable and active. Feet that feel good are crucial to how you feel as a whole.
We can often do small things that impact positively upon your comfort and wellbeing.

Foot health is especially important if you have diabetes. Diabetes can cause loss of sensation and poor circulation. This can lead to unnoticed injuries which may take a long while to resolve, and can cause serious foot problems. Regular checks by a qualified professional from Heal’nToes can help to considerably reduce these risks.

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Elaine Woods

RN, Pg Dip M.H, S.A.C Dip RFHP

Registered Foot Health Practitioner

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